About the Group

The Gonsoulin Group is a public relations consultancy focused on communications that drive business objectives. Whether you are a large corporation, a new or emerging business, an academic institution or a non-profit organization, there is a bottom-line accountability. Operations will always be a primary driver, but communications is a critical contributor – and failing to do that well will not only hinder your business progress, but potentially undermine it. The Gonsoulin Group works with clients in both proactive and reactive situations where carefully thought out, well-constructed communications can mean the difference in success for an initiative or protection of a reputation.

The Gonsoulin Group provides the full range of public relations and marketing communications services necessary to help companies, organizations and institutions achieve their business and reputation objectives. From strategic counsel to tactical execution, we can help with comprehensive, long-range programs or short-term, high priority projects. Among our areas of expertise:

* Communications strategy and planning
* Message development and positioning
* Stakeholder communications
* Content development
* Media relations and social media
* Executive visibility and thought leadership
* Crisis management and risk preparedness

In addition, the firm addresses the way in which communications is delivered. The Gonsoulin Group has nearly 30 years of experience in media and presentation skills training, as well as executive coaching. We work with C-suite executives, managers, company spokespersons and subject matter experts to develop or improve their communications skills and transform them into confident, articulate and powerful ambassadors for their organization.

Operating in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with an unparalleled network of resources, The Gonsoulin Group works with clients across the country and around the world.